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Collagen Bone Block


THE Graft™ Collagen, a form of block and ring composed of the porcine-derived bone mineral matrix from cancellous bone and atelocollagen from porcine tendon, is a material used to fill, augment, and/or reconstruct periodontal, oral, and maxillofacial defects.

The bone mineral matrix is similar to the physical and chemical aspects of the mineralized matrix of human bone. Hydrated collagen components have a viscosity that facilitates for the blending of a bone mineral matrix.

Easily Moldable


Made of 90% of THE Graft™ granules and 10% collagen, THE Graft™ Collagen is easier to mold than THE Graft™ granules alone.

Therefore, THE Graft™ Collagen has better handling property compared to that of THE Graft™, making it possible to adapt grafting materials to various shapes of the defect site with more ease.

Optimal Osteoconductivity

Osseous Tissue

While retaining better handling properties,
THE Graft™ Collagen is able to form sufficient osseous tissue for implant placement.

And maintain natural volume and great adhesion property which leads to minimum chair time.

Predictable clinical results


With great hydrophilicity, THE Graft™ Collagen stabilizes the clot and aids in revascularization of the graft­ing material in the defect area to increase cell migration efficiency to the mineral substrate.

As a result, fast bone formation can be expected, as well as a predictable clinical result.

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