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Customized Titanium membrane Easy shaping, installation and Removal.


CTi-mem is customized titanium membrane with minimum cutting and bending of it for attaching on the location of part used. This product, customized titanium membrane, solved the existed rectangle membrane’s own inconvenience of cutting problem.


• Easy to install
  Cutomized shape, No cutting needed. Immediately applicable.
• Easy to fix
  CTi-mem can be fixed directly on implant with CTi-spacer, so it`s very   useful for one stage GBR. With the use of fixing screw, stornger fixation can be achieved.
• Easy to remove
  No second or Minimum surgery needed to remove CTi-membrane after bone regeneration.
• Lingual finger
  Main function is to maintain the efficient space by covering the 2~3mm of lingual defect with easy bending. Simple cutting if necessary.
 Proximal finger
  Necessary when vertical augmentation of Misial&distal defect, shape formation available with easy bending. Cut the unnecessary part After measure the width of proximal.
• Lateral augmentation part
  – Put the C part as the centre and bending of a curved for 2~3mm thick side bone formation.
  – Bending the side extrusion inwards in order to protect bone transplant and form the space. Porous exists to minimize the soft tissue exposure.
• Lateral cover
  – Cover part of side transplant bone materials. Choose the size depends on defect length.
  – Three dimensional bending available, no porous exists to be able to remove the CTi›mem with simple 2nd surgery.
• Foot
  Protect the transplant material as bending inwards, have membrane fixation by contacting the existing bone.
• Fixing hole
  The hole formed to fix the CTi›mem to fixture. Firstly connect the CTi Spacer to fixture, lift up the CTi›mem and then fix with the CTi Healing Abutment or CTi Cover Cap. Vertical bone formation can be decided depends on CTi Spacer height.
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